Nissan Kicks vs Honda HR-V

Nissan Kicks vs Honda HR-V

Drivers in the Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, and Mechanicsburg, PA, areas will find plenty to love in both the 2021 Nissan Kicks and the Honda HR-V. At Faulkner Nissan Harrisburg, we want to help drivers learn the differences between these two sporty SUVs.Continue reading our comparison below to learn which one is better suited for your needs!


When you’re looking for a vehicle to travel long distances, you want something built to conserve fuel as effectively as possible. Inside the Nissan Kicks and the Honda HR-V, you’ll find highly fuel-efficient engines that are great for traveling long distances or going on vacation.


Nissan Kicks

Honda HR-V

1.6L 4-cylinder


1.8L 4-cylinder

31 city/36 highway*

EPA-estimated MPG

28 city/34 highway

The Honda HR-V is built with a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that’s designed for conserving fuel. This engine offers an EPA-estimated 28 city/34 highway MPG inside the 2-wheel drive model.

However, drivers seeking a more fuel-efficient engine will want to look to the Nissan Kicks. Inside this vehicle, you’ll find a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that earns an EPA-estimated 31 city/36 highway MPG.* You’ll be well equipped to avoid the pump with this compact and sporty crossover.

This efficient standard holds up in all trims of both the 2021 Nissan Kicks and the 2021 Honda HR-V. That means you’ll be able to select a more efficient vehicle with the Kicks, no matter which type of interior design you prefer.


Nissan Kicks vs Honda HR-VActive safety features are a great way to help avoid accidents. Sensors and cameras throughout the vehicle’s design boost driver awareness of the road. Many cars today offer these advanced features.

The Nissan Kicks and the Honda HR-V are no exceptions, but which vehicle offers the perfect blend of safety and convenience that’s right for you?

Inside the Honda HR-V and the Nissan Kicks, you’ll find intelligent technology, like a standard Traction Control System. This technology enables both vehicles to alter the drivetrain to accommodate slippery road conditions for more ideal traction.

This is one of many features inside these two SUVs that make roadways safer. When it comes to safety, however, one vehicle does provide an advantage when it comes to available braking technology.

Better Braking Inside The Kicks

Looking to the Nissan Kicks, we see it offers standard Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. Your car will be built to brake autonomously in the event you get too close to a vehicle ahead or a pedestrian crosses into your path. While both crossovers offer this feature, only the Nissan Kicks offers it standard across all trims.

The Nissan Kicks also makes Rear Automatic Braking standard in each trim of this SUV. This feature, which keeps an eye out for stationery items behind your vehicle, automatically engages the brakes to help avoid or mitigate collisions. Rear Automatic Braking is not available in the HR-V, either.

Both vehicles are safe to drive, but the Kicks provides a better blend of standard braking technology that helps keep you safe on every trip:

  • Rear Automatic Braking
  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Traction Control System

This higher standard for technology extends from the safety features inside both vehicles to their infotainment systems.

Nissan Kicks VS Honda HR-V: Infotainment

Nissan Kicks vs Honda HR-V InteriorWhen it comes to infotainment, nothing streamlines the driving experience quite like a quality stereo system. How does music sound inside these two SUVs?

It sounds great in the Nissan Kicks. This SUV comes standard with a 6-speaker stereo system. While this is a solid start, the SUV’s available 8-speaker Bose Personal® Plus audio system fills the cabin with a sound design worth experiencing.
UltraNearfield™ driver headrest speakers turn your place behind the wheel of the Kicks into the front row of a concert. The surround sound inside this SUV lets drivers set the soundtrack for every trip in high definition.

The sound system inside the Honda HR-V is less robust than the one in the Kicks. The Honda’s standard system only provides four speakers with 160 watts. If you’re searching for an upgrade, the available 180-watt 6-speaker system provides a boost.

Both SUVs let you connect to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto. These apps are standard in every trim of the Kicks, but they’re only available inside the HR-V. If you enjoy listening to your personally curated playlists and podcasts, you won’t find the apps that make it easier inside the Honda HR-V.

If you’re searching for a more dynamic infotainment system to entertain your passengers, you’ll find a fit with the system inside the Nissan Kicks.


The Nissan Kicks and the Honda HR-V both offer spacious cargo areas that are great for stowing and storing what you need in a convenient place. The Honda HR-V offers a cargo volume of 24.3 cubic feet, allowing you to store plenty of cargo in the back.

If you want to be a bit more prepared for a trip, the Nissan Kicks offers a cargo volume of 25.3 cubic feet. Drivers seeking a more spacious standard cargo area will want to look to the Nissan Kicks. This SUV provides a roomy cargo space to store what you need while also bringing passengers along for the ride.

To help streamline the packing process, Nissan also gives you the option for an array of accessories. If you enjoy a tidy trunk area, you’ll want to consider adding one or more of these accessories to make road trips and runs to the store a bit easier:

  • All-Season Cargo Area Protector
  • Rear Cargo Cover
  • Cargo Level Load Floor
  • Cargo Trunk Area Protector

With more storage space and the accessories to customize your trunk, packing the Nissan Kicks for a long drive is effortless.


Drivers living in the Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, and Mechanicsburg areas looking for a great sporty crossover will enjoy the Nissan Kicks and the HR-V.

The Nissan Kicks, however, offers advanced standard features as well as a more efficient engine. At Faulkner Nissan Harrisburg, we want to help drivers find the right vehicle to suit their needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Nissan Kicks, explore our website for plenty of great information about this compact crossover. Contact our team online today to schedule a test drive.


* 2021 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates. 31 City MPG/36 Highway MPG/33 Combined MPG for Kicks. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison only.




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