Why Are My Brakes Squeaking

Hearing your brakes squeak can raise a lot of questions in addition to just being a nuisance. At Faulkner Nissan Harrisburg we want to show drivers in the Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, and Mechanicsburg areas what they should do if they hear their brakes squeaking.

Read more to learn why your brakes are squeaking and what you can do to quiet them down.

Squeaking brakes are not always a symptom of a mechanical problem within your vehicle. Your brakes are always going to make a noise and sometimes, depending on the weather, that noise can get pretty loud.

You might notice your brakes squeaking after a rain storm or on a particularly humid day. If you notice a persistent squeaking over a long period though, you might want to have your brakes checked out.

Before you start wondering if it’s a problem with your entire braking system, you might want to check out your brake pads first. These parts need to be replaced every once in a while, because the friction material on them will wear down over time.

The reason why you hear a squeaking sound with worn out pads is because of a little piece of metal called a wear indicator. This little guy is a metal tab that sits along your brake pad that makes contact with the rotor and makes a metallic squeaking sound. It creates a fairly distinct noise, like a metallic squeal or howl, so if you hear that it’s time to get your brake pads replaced.

All pads will start out with something called an insulation shim. This is a layer of material that is applied to the back of the pad to prevent the caliper from rubbing up against the pads. They aren’t an integral part of the system, but they’re designed to mitigate brake squeaking.

This insulation will usually wear down over time just from the dirt of the road and constant movement of the brakes. Service technicians will often have to remove the insulation to get to the calipers, so if you find your brakes squeaking after service, just go back to the shop and ask them to add some insulation.

If checking the above hasn’t worked, there might be something a little more specific wrong with your brakes. Another common issue with brakes is that the anti-rattle clips holding your pads in place have broken.

Your pads are going to stay in place of course. They’re attached to your calipers and won’t just fall off, but they are also held in place by special clips that prevent any sort of acoustic rattling that could result in squeaking. Getting these replaced should fix any sort of squeaking sound you hear.

No matter what the problem causing your brake squeaking is, the best thing you can do is talk to a service technician, so they can inspect the issue for you. At Faulkner Nissan Harrisburg, we want to help drivers in the Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, and Mechanicsburg areas get the brake service they need.

If you’re in need of brake maintenance, schedule an appointment with us online or over the phone today!


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